Monday, October 28, 2013

YogAntenae and Ghost Queen

A new direction for my work is to make yoga platforms. Most of my previous work has been displaying yoga postures as a way to convey personal enlightenment. It has recently occurred to me to make sculptures that replace the statue element with an actual person. Yoga practitioners could use my sculptures as platforms for their practice. When practicing yoga on top of the sculpture, the practitioner is literally heightened and this feeling is synonymous with the feeling of enlightenment. This increased height also makes for a more strenuous physical experience because more muscles are used to keep one's balance. The sculpture can be used a platform for yoga teachers to demonstrate postures. I believe all these elements combine to make the sculpture a kind of antennae for the mind and body.

One of my students, Austin Griffin, has been helping me out in the studio. He has been super helpful and great to have around as it motivates me to work and things are getting done quicker. I truly think that having him around will be a game-changer for my art practice. His girlfriend, Chelsea Gates, has been researching yoga in the graduate program at East Carolina University and so it is serendipitous that our lives have converged. She agreed to be a part in the photo session.

I needed to document my recent sculpture, Ghost Queen, and it's companion piece YogAntenna. First we went to a early morning yoga session at Purple Blossom Yoga to get into the groove and after breakfast at the Scullery, we went out to the softball field by Pitt Community College and had a fun photo session. Here are some of the best pictures. Have a nice day!

Austin and Chelsea

Ghost Queen. 10' high

Chelsea and I
Austin and I


  1. I'm speechless, these images and the pieces together are brilliant. REALLY AWESOME!!! I think you should keep going in this direction. Yoga and sculpture = beautiful relationship!

  2. These remain inspirational. Very versatile.

  3. I am interested in showing some of these to the Ashland YMCA where they have an active yoga program (Patrick Henry YMCA). Any idea what one of these would cost to permanently install as an outdoor item?