Friday, August 15, 2014

Lovearch now featured at Sculpture Trail in Clayton, NC (VIDEO)

I installed Lovearch in Clayton North Carolina in late May 2014. The city made some nice videos. The first below is an overview of a few artists talking about their sculptures. The second is just me talking awkwardly about my sculpture. Its a little embarrassing. They made one for each artist and I encourage you to check them all out on YouTube.

Lovearch has enjoyed quite a life since its creation in 2009. Its been almost constantly on exhibit and loved and hated by many. Its been exhibited in a park in Chapel Hill, outside a museum in Portsmouth VA, downtown Charlottesville VA, outside my studio in Greenville NC, in a downtown park in Knoxville TN, and now in Clayton NC outside an entrance to a government building.

Although it would be nice to sell this sculpture. Its been great to have it because its been my most popular sculpture and almost always gets into the outdoor exhibit that I apply it for. 

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