Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lovearch at Hilton Head Island

Lovearch now on display at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Hilton Head Island, presented by the Community Foundation of the Low Country. This sculpture has been on display in Chapel Hill NC, Charlotesville VA, Portsmouth VA, and Knoxville TN. It will be in Hilton Head Island SC until this January. 

Here is a video of Lisa Jaye Young, Ph.D. during a tour of the exhibition in the pouring down rain. Hurricane Joaquin was on its way up the coast, but it did not deter these art patrons from going to to the opening. 

Nam Lee sculpture also on exhibit
James Taylor sculpture that I really liked. 

Jeff Boshart sculpture also on exhibit. This is huge, maybe 20 feet long.

Also got some beach time in and used SnapChat to brag about it to all my friends. 

To learn more about Lovearch go to my website here.
To learn more about the Hilton Head Exhibition go here.
To VOTE for my sculpture go here.

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