Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ceramic Exploration

While a studio tech and sculpture instructor at Interlochen over last summer I had the chance to try wheel-throwing.  Although something that had never interested me before, I quickly became very interested. Perhaps it was because here was something I already know pretty well: clay-modeling.  I don't know anything about regular good old earthy clay. I've gone to great lengths to make my own oil-based clay to sculpt the figure in the "Fine Art" tradition, a tradition I've felt a part of, like a club or something, ever since entering college. 

I threw some bowls and cups over the summer under the guidance of some of the best ceramic instructors around, but it was really during my off-times and what I made was, you know, beginner...and still is.

I got back to Greenville and wanted to keep going with this and see where it led me. I asked around and found myself at Jaycee Park of the Greenville Parks and Recreation Center.  This park is a hidden gem within town. In fact, I bet most of my readers in Greenville have never heard of it. Outside, they have very popular BMX ramps and a baseball field, but inside they have a ceramics program. Two clean rooms with wheels, glazes, kilns and folks that fire the work that mostly retirees do. I bought some clay and got to work teaching myself through youtube videos to throw. I've posted some of my work below.
4"H X 6"W 

3"H X 3"W cappuccino cup

4" H X 5" W

4" H x 13" W platter

5" H x 4"W 
6" H x 4" W

Many of you may be shaking your heads. "Why is Andy wasting his time on this?" I don't really have a good explanation yet. My hands have a mind of their own and I let them do what they want. They really enjoy drawing the loose abstracted Mughal-Indian-designs that move around some of the pottery. 

I'll be either selling these on my website or giving them away for X-mas. I've also been attending a figurative sculpture class the park provides and have made a couple of little sculptures that I will post when after they are glazed. 

I will be teaching a course in paper-making at Jaycee Park in the Spring and will hopefully start up a metal sculpture course as well. 

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  1. Great post, I like the black and white scroll cup. Working in a different medium is like exploring a new world, seems like you're enjoying it!