Friday, December 16, 2011

Funky Functionals

Here are some ceramics that I recently finished that are kinda funky.  I'm still learning how to throw, how to trim, how to glaze and even what glazes even do.  Although this is very exciting, it is also kinda aggravating as some of these maybe would have looked really cool if I had only picked a more appropriate glaze. Or maybe just wiped the lid off a little better. Or maybe I'm hyper-critical. That is very possible.

Creamy Bowl. Cool outside waving pattern, but there's this silly swirling in the inside that makes it look full of sticks.


Bowl with Blue Aura. I'm not sure what happened with the yellowy glaze, but this bowl has been growing on me ever since it's been  sitting  around.

Man Cup. An atrocity.
Boy Cup. Another atrocity. 

Glass. Nice idea with the top pie crust form.  Kinda busy finish, though.
Not bad. Just your basic cup.

Zebra stripes with blue interior Bowl.

Funky Pitcher! Really nice blue inside. 

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