Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Pots of 2011

Here are some of the last pots of 2011. Most of the patterns were made by using a colored under-glaze that I carved away. It seemed to work really well from the very first ones I made and so I decided to stop experimenting and just play with that process for a while. 

Medium Bowl.

Medium Bowl.

This is a pitcher meant to hold kitchen utensils. 

Small Green Bowl.

Medium Bowl.  Candy bowl. Cigar-holder. Each dimple has a different little shape. Very fun piece.

Tiny cup with brown under glaze. Nothing fancy.

One of my earlier funky designs that I didn't want to touch for a while. Its lopsided too. You know? After glazing it, I really like it. Weird.

I'll be really busy for the next semester teaching four, maybe five, classes at Pitt Community College. I have a feeling this is going to cut into my ceramic and art-making time. Hopefully I can be a go-getter and get up early, run three miles, and throw some pots all before noon....but we shall see. Soon I'll get these onto my main website, where you can buy whats left after the holiday season. 

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