Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Book on The Arts of the Sailor

While looking for some reference books on boats for my sculpture class at Interlochen, I ran into a couple of books highlighting the use of knots in sailing. The only sailing I've done, where I am "skipper" is in a little sunfish, within the safe confines of Green Lake adjacent to Interlochen. Still looking at these books gives me this romantic feeling. The beauty of tied rope and its usefulness. It reminds of when I was studying knot-tying for a Boy Scout merit badge. I was something of a knot expert in my troop.

I really like the cover of the Arts of the Sailor. I wonder if it has some symbolism to the sailor? 

Nice portrait of the author Hervey Garrett Smith.

Some notes about picking out a good knife.

The guys at the awning shop I used to work for used one of those sewing palms for on-site repairs.

Contents of a Ditty Bag

Neat illustrations, huh?

This littler book is 112 years old! Signed by the same owner as the previous one.

See how small it is? Small enough to go in your ditty bag.

This one has a knot on the side, I think is called a bow-line on a bite.

I'm not sure how this well manifest itself within my work, but it is interesting to note that what attracts me to the ouroboros snakes is a similar feeling to that of these knot books. That's a connection, I suppose. I just wanted to share these books and if you ever find anything similar at a flea market, pick it up for me. I'll buy it from long as its cheap.

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  1. Ugh, I"m SO jealous, what a beautiful book and very, very interesting that it is similar to the ourorbors snake (spelling?).
    So happy you found it!