Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keith Puccinelli at Santa Barbara City College

I just wanted to share with ya'll a solo exhibition I saw about a month ago at the Santa Barbara City College. At the time I was visiting my brother in Santa Maria and had decided to make a day trip down to SB to see some local art. I spent some significant time at the Contemporary Arts Forum's Wired, which may be a good subject for another day. As I was talking to one of the interns at the CAF and mentioned that I would be teaching a class on gallery assistantship at the local community college, he recommended I check out the City College's Atkinson Gallery, which was a short bike ride away.

Keith Puccinelli's exhibition was pretty durn neat. Multi-media, polychromatic sculptures, ink on paper wrapping around a pillar, and an outdoor sculpture on the patio. I failed to take more than a couple of photos with my phone ( I didn't know I would blog about it later), but I did find a video which I posted below and it is quite amusing. Here is an informative local article written about Puccinelli and his exhibition. 

Santa Barbara Seasons presents "In the Studio with Artist Keith Puccinelli" from SB SEASONS on Vimeo.

One of the reasons it was inspirational to me was the variety of work that all seemed to be thought-provoking, well-crafted, and humorous. I'm not exactly sure what it all was about. I wish I could be a student there and pop in every now and again to eat a bologna sandwich out of the terrace that over looks the Pacific, really spend some time with the work. But also inspirational is that this was a gallery in a community college. Tomorrow, I start my first day on the job of teaching art appreciation, along with other subjects. I know, its Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA, where art people grow on trees, but if SBCC can have an artist of this talent exhibit in their student gallery, then so can Pitt Community College. Although Carl is a good start.