Monday, March 18, 2013

Studio Garden

Square Foot Gardening is a gardening philosophy by Mel Bartholomew. Back in 2007-8, I was getting into gardening while living in Mechanicsville Virginia with my mother. We grew some pretty amazing salads. I never really got a chance to try his method out because I went to grad school in 2008 and became too busy to garden (other excuses too). I received Mel's latest edition of his popular book this past X-mas and have been longing to plant something ever since.

Yes, Autumn and I are going back to Interlochen, Michigan this summer. This was a hard decision to make because we could both use the time to beef up our studio practice. We feel as though we aren't making as much art as we could be with no distraction. But we thought about what a great time we have every summer there and how we just can't give it up yet. Its pretty much my favorite time of the year.

Autumn and I decided that even though we are leaving in June for Michigan, we can at least get some pre-started plants and see what we can harvest before we leave. Maybe some neighbors will water the garden and eat the food. Maybe it will die and we will start a fall garden when we return. I have to find out.

Mixing up peat moss, vermiculite, and cow manure in the back of our art studio.

You can see one of our sheriff neighbors creeping by, they are friendly. 

Its not pretty, but it gets sun all day.

I used all recycled wood.
We bought more tomatoes then we need and so I'm thinking about building another shelf type box. We have one heirloom tomato, two better boys, chard, brussel sprouts, string beans, onions, carrots, turnip greens, salad mix, peppers, and broccoli. We got everything from Plant and See in Winterville. With the dirt, seeds,  and plants I spent about $60.

I know this will only make it harder to leave Greenville come June.