Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shipping Balasana With Deer

Balasana with Deer, I am happy to hear, got into a juried exhibit at the Bascom in Highlands, NC. It is called American Art Today: Figures. It stands to win some prize money and it will be for sale. This sculpture has been in a few shows and even won an award once. 

Highlands, NC is about a 6 hour drive from Greenville and their prospectus says that they would like it shipped and return shipping paid for. I know that this is probably what a big boy artist has to do to be successful and show work outside their own region. 

I confess I've never had to ship any sizable sculpture. It took me about a week to make this box, what with all the other distractions I had such as: moving into a new apartment, moving out of storage, getting ready to teach, and teaching at Pitt Community College. The wood cost about $70 and the blue foam I already had. 

There is a cavity carved out for the yogi to sit in.

This picture and the next shows how the piece is secured. Their is stacked and glued foam that acts as a saddle around the deer. Once the lid is screwed into place it should be impossible to move the piece in any direction.

Dry fit.

Glued and screwed and labeled.
At this writing I just dropped it off at the Fed Ex. It weighs 56 pounds and costs $66 to deliver. I set up a FedEx account and this will be used by the gallery to send the work back to me in January.

After building it, I was reminded of this: