Monday, August 20, 2012

Tri-State Sculptors 34th Annual Conference

Tri-State Sculptors 34th Annual Conference
October 4-6th 2012
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 

Welcome: We invite you to attend and participate in the Tri-State Sculptors’  34th
 Annual Conference on October 4th, 5th and 6th. 

The conference will be hosted by the Sculpture Area at 
East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

Tri-State’s annual meeting will offer an exciting mix of traditional sessions and panels as well as 
“hands-on” demonstrations and workshops. Of course,  there will also be the annual Members 
Exhibition of sculptures and Drawings. This year’s show will be held at the ECU’s Gray Gallery in 
the School of Art and Design and a limited outdoor show of six sculptures. The outdoor show is 
on a first come first serve basis. The concrete pads are 6’x6’. 

Our Keynote Speaker is Sculptor James Surls
Friday, October 5th, at 5PM in the Speight Auditorium, School of Art and Design and following the 
presentation will be the opening reception at the Gray Gallery across the hall. 

Transportation: Pitt-Greenville airport in  Greenville, North Carolina offers daily commuter 
service to Charlotte (Navaids ILS/DME).

You will be notified of available Parking at East Carolina University before the conference.
Hotels: Find lodging information at

Fees: Registration fees for the conference will be $50 in advance and $65 after September 5th. 
Student registration will be $15 in advance and $20 after September 5th.

T-shirts for the conference will be sold for $15. Each. If you would like to buy a T-shirt, Please 
select size and # of T-shirts. Add up number of T-shirts and make check payable to: Sculpture 
Guild 2012 7:30 pm is the Saturday night dinner barbecue and/or vegetarian dinner  - meals are $15. Per 

Dates & Times to be announced

The aim of the conference is to provide students, teachers, art professionals and anyone with an 
interest in art, but especially sculptors to participate in the exchange of ideas.

“PRE-Conference” Workshop:
Sand mold making workshop for Iron Pour
IMPORTANT!!! To participate in the mold-making workshop for the iron pour, you must arrive to 
make your pattern by 10AM Wednesday, October 3, 2012. 
IRON POUR ----- Saturday, October 6th 1:00 pm – 4:pm


$12. Per 100# bag of sand includes catalyst and resin.
$3. Per pound for wax or you can bring your own wax pattern.
1# of wax = 10# of iron 
Your wax pattern should not exceed 10# of wax
You may bring your own iron. Everyone who wants to cast a pattern must break the equivalent 
amount of iron themselves before the iron pour. 
$1.00 dollar per pound of iron, unless you supply your own.
Please – we are short on iron...if possible bring pipes, radiators, sinks etc. 
**We also have pre-made scratch molds available for the iron pour at $10 and $15 each which 
includes iron. 

2 Panel Discussions: NC Arts Council Presentation & 2 Artist Presentations

Rubber mold making
Paper making
Traditional bronze casting
Steel surface application 
Woodcarving or steam bending
More to be announced...
Friday and Saturday open Tri-state  Members presentations of their artwork  - CDs & Slides 
(maximum 5 minutes each)

Hanna Jubran
Coordinator, 2012 Tri State Sculptors Annual Conference
Hanna Jubran/ Carl Billingsley
School of Art and Design
Greenville, NC 27837

Tri State Sculptors 34th
Annual Conference
October 4,5,6
East Carolina University-Sculpture-Greenville, NC
Registration Form
Fees: Registration fees for the conference will be $50 in advance and $65 after September 5th. 
Student registration will be $15 in advance and $20 after September 5th.
Mailing Address_____________________________________________________________________
Please enclose the following:
(   ) $50.00 Conference Pre-Registration Fee 
(   ) $65.00 Late Registration Fee
(   ) $15.00 Student Registration by Sept. 5, 2012
(   ) $20.00 Late Student Registration
(#_____  ) Saturday Night - Barbecue Dinner $15 per person 
(#_____  ) Vegetarian Dinner $15per person
7:30pm at Carl and Catherine Billingsley’s house
Directions will be supplied.
(#_____    ) $15 Conference T-ShirtPlease choose size and quantity for T-shirt(s)
(#_____    ) Small (#_____    ) Medium
(#_____   ) Large (#_____   ) X-Large
(#_____    ) XX-Large (#_____   )XXX-Large

Please email Hanna Jubran ( with any questions you may have.

Pre Registration forms must be 
postmarked by September 5, 2012

Please make checks payable to:
Sculpture Guild Tri-State 2012

Send this completed registration 
forma and check to:
Hanna Jubran
School of Art and Design
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 328-1303