Sunday, May 6, 2012

Auraboro Installation

Here are some photos of the installation of Auraboros at Bad Avenue (Art Avenue). Just to be clear this is work I have made quite recently. The porcelain snakes, the 9 foot high paintings, and the standing yogi I began making about two weeks before the opening. This was an exercise in how fast I could fill a gallery with new work for a solo show.  I gave myself this as a birthday challenge. Could it have been better? More unified or more more more? Of course! I'm my own hardest critic, I just had to shut the critic up and just DO until this got all fired, painted, and glued.

If you would like to read the artist statement, it is the blog posting before this one. I also printed it out on 11 x 16 and taped it on the wall, which can be seen in one of these photos. I have included some close-ups of the baby snakes, but there are over a hundred, so get to see some here. All these wearable porcelain Ouroboros pins are at the low low price of $5. If you'd like one, come by Bad Avenue and I'll let you look at them. Send me a message through this blog or email and we'll take it from there.

Baby Snakes! Some I used a star driver and hex key to make their eyes.

Ouroboros Baby Snake Pins. Porcelain, Acylic paint, enamel, and pin back. 

Some snakes have their heads cut off and still continue to enter their bloody stumps. 

Auraboros. Plaster, paint, wood stain, steel base. Behind is the wall of Ouroboros Pins.
Ride a Black Dog Biting an Ouroboros. Painted Ceramics.

Auraborosaurus. This little toy dinosaur is in a cave that is also the neck of a bust of a man (see below).

Auroborosaurus (left) and Ride the Black Dog Biting an Ouroboros (right). 

Ride the Black Dog Biting an Ouroboros

Squished Ouroboros Pins and Amulets. Painted and enameled Porcelain.

Auroboros. Acrylic paint on paper. On the far left are the Squished Ouroboros.

Auroboros installation view.

Auroboros. Acrylic paint on Paper.

Ouroboros Pins and amulets. They are squished. So what does it mean when a snake eating its own tail and symbolizes squished dead?

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Autumn Brown for hooking me up with the porcelain, helping me fire it, and telling me to stop complaining (being supportive). Thanks to Claire Edwards for helping with logistics, labeling, and being supportive. Thanks also to all the beautiful people that came to the opening and some that even left with some creepy snakes pinned to their lapels and blouses.