Sunday, April 26, 2015

International Sculpture Day at Wilmington

April 24th 2015 was the first annual International Sculpture Day. Find out more about this day here.

I celebrated in Wilmington by participating in Pedestrian Art and by riding around in a trolley with really fun people. We had wine and cheeses while we toured around downtown Wilmington to see the sculptures on exhibition. When we stopped at my sculptures, I gave a short explanation on its concept and construction techniques. On the second round of the tour we had a completely full load of riders and I was too busy pouring wine and talking with folks to take many pictures with my phone. I'm sure there are some funny photos of me out they had me get inside one of my sculptures for a hammy photo.

This year's Pedestrian Art was a Tri-State Sculptor members only exhibition.

People I met or knew along the tour:
  • Rhonda Bellamy and Kim from the Arts Council. 
  • Andi Steel, professor at UNCW and local rockstar sculptor.
  • Jim Gallucci, sculptor extraordinaire from Greensboro.
  • Eric Isbanioly, participating Tri-State sculptor.
  • Maria Borghoff Perry, participating Tri-State sculptor.

Link to Phone App for Wilmington's galleries and exhibitions.

Jim Gallucci talks with trolley riders about Immigration Gate.

Jeff Kiefer's Beacon

Matt Amante's sculpture

Trolley rider discusses Maria Borghoff Perry's sculpture made of ceramics, rope, and steel. 

Eric Isbanioly's Humpty-Dumpty sculpture.

Selfie on board the trolley.

My sculpture Floating Show-off Yogi with Andy Steel listening to the phone app.

Trolley Rider inspecting my welds.

Rhonda Bellamy talking about the phone app in front of Jeff Kiefer's sculpture.